Sunday, April 05, 2009

Real Estate Today - What's HOT?

by Nan Woodward

Today you really need to look around you and see what it will take to buy, sell and profit from investing.

Investors are becoming very creative today. So what can you do to make the process more effective for you? Consider financing for the buyer. How about a good oldfashioned lease option? When owners don't a large enough downpayment or their credit isn't good enough - do you give up on them?

Not I. I would seriously consider a lease option arrangement. It will help me move a property and make money. It's a win win.

I recently re-rented my house in Tucson, Az. This was my first suggestion to the renter. They chose to rent. This leaves me with a property I'm renting in a decling market. I'm sure they are thinking I will sell it for less in a year. If the market continues to decline, I will probably look to re-rent it again.

You never know where you will be twelve months from now. I expect the market to stay slow although I do believe it will improve from its current position.

Enjoy your day and make money.

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