Friday, April 12, 2013

SMS Text Messaging and QR Codes

I believe every realtor who works the business consistently will make better use of your time.

QR codes are here.  They can be used very effectively for virtual tours.  SMS lists help build a list of buyers and sellers.  You have access to texting them once they are in your database.

The use of QR code scans increased 300% in 2012!

US mobile and social media revienue increased to $45 billion dollars in 2011. 


I recently went to Disney with my daughter and her family.  She had her IPhone in her hand the whole time we were in the parks.  She had an app to figure out where we were.  An app to figure out
how long the line is at the ride my grandson wanted.  Another app to tell her how long a wait a fast pass would be,or in fact, if you could even get one.

Okay, so that convinced me.  I need a mobile site and sms text messaging.

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