Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did you read the 2009 forecast?

by Nan Woodward

Not only did I read it but I personally have decided that it shall not affect me. The recession is projected to continue deepening. The US unemployment is the highest it has been in 16 years! Its 7.6 percent. Wowwww.

The economy will continue to weaken. Gloom and doom.

I'm not saying the numbers don't speak for themselves.

I am saying - create your own space and stay off the track that is predicted for you. I believe I create my future with my current mindset. Do you feel that way?

I'm currently a marketer and client of Brian Tracy's new site - I am learning to use self improvement to my advantage and ignore the doom and gloom. You can do the same thing. Just take five minutes to go to the site and check it out.

Now that I've preached, use this information to create your own business ventures. I am currently working with Jim Fleck and buying real estate investment property in the Chicago, Il area. I buy at the right price (foreclosures, bank REO's etc) and use a property management company to rent the units for me. Since I have been taught to buy at the right price and make money when you buy - I'm doing well.

Would you like some information on properties in the Chicago area? Send me an email -

I'd be happy to help you move your biz forward as I am. Don't take yourself down, stop focusing on the negative in the world today - take charge of your future.

Nan Woodward

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

401K's, the economy and Nan

by Nan Woodward

So are you one of the folks like me that has a 401K? I pulled out of the market before the actual sinking. I'm in a better position than many. But, I realized a while ago that 401K's aren't the answer to retirement.

I'm building multiple streams of income. Are you??? If you aren't, why not?

I am a Real Estate Investor who dabbled around. I'm now seriously working this biz. I have excellent connections for buying investment property in several states. I'm currently building a list of investors and jv partners for all types of real estate ventures.

What are you doing to help yourself? Real Estate is a good way to diverse your business. there are good buys in Real Estate both residential and commercial today. With good credit, you can finance property.

so what are you waiting for? Hasn't the roof fallen in on your 401K and pension? For more information on real estate investing and/or properties available contact me with Real Estate in the subject line.

Nan Woodward

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Short Term help for the economy declines

by Nan Woodward

The current version of the economic stimulus plan reduced the amount for short-term support. Some aid is target to state and local governments to prevent more job cust and reduce tax breaks for workers that were meant to spur quick spending.

Payroll tax cuts are reduced to $400 per individual or $800 per family. Aid to states has been reduced more than $30 billion in this new agreement.

Expenses have continued to climb while the recession has reduced tax revenues. So what happens next - if states don't receive enough tax revenues to hold the payroll where it is, they reduce the number of employees and/or cut services.

Business' is at this point now. Companies are laying off, reducing expenses in any way they can to stay viable for the long haul.

We need Americans to be more confident. Until confidence is restored, companies will not add to their staff thereby creating more jobs.

As Real Estate Investors, your future is in your hands. Be confident, move forward just do it wisely.

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