Thursday, August 09, 2007

Contacting Homeowners

Contacting Homeowners in Pre-Foreclosure Situations
By Nancy Woodward

I try to put myself in their place. Homeowners who have received legal documents leading to Foreclosure are in a very stressful situation. They are grasping at anything they can to make this situation go away. Some homeowners remain in denial for a long time.

Situations beyond their control can cause a financial drain resulting in default such as:

1. Medical problems
2. Divorce
3. Death
4. Loss of a job
5. Natural disasters

I have considered this issue many times. I have never been in this position and have trouble imaging how the homeowner feels.

I created a list of questions to review before contacting a homeowner for the first time:

1. How would I feel if I had defaulted on my mortgage loan?
2. How would I feel if I were receiving a ton of mail offering to abate my foreclosure?
3. Can I trust the people sending this mail to me to help me and treat me respectfully?
4. How will my family and friends perceive this situation I am in?
5. Will I ever be able to buy Real Estate again?
6. Will I be forced to file bankruptcy?
7. Can I sell this house myself?

I find if I spend a moment reviewing my list before I knock on the homeowners door, I have more compassion and listen well before I speak. I bring homeowners my Foreclosure Assistance Guide. I make suggestion they can pursue on their own.

I explain the reasons they should stop the foreclosure and some of the misconceptions related to this process. I provide a list of questions they can review with their mortgage broker, attorney and realtor, and the foreclosure agent in the Loss Mitigation Department.

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