Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Competing with Big Business

Competing with Big Business
by Nan Wood

If you are a small business or developing an internet web site that will sell products and services, the chances are you will go head to head with many larger businesses. With so many large businesses and corporations trying to sell their products and services over the internet, it can seem very difficult to make inroads. However with a few internet tools, you can compete with big businesses and make a healthy profit.

Whether you are selling on Ebay, developing an ecommerce site or creating web sites for ad dollars, you can compete with big businesses and still survive comfortably. Ebay has always been a bastion for entrepreneurs and most large companies won’t sell on Ebay due to the fact that many people look for unique or used items or figure it is too expensive for them to sell on Ebay because profits are sometimes razor thin. You can set up a business on Ebay very easily and sell unique T-shirts to phone accessories to antiques. .

Competing with big business via web sites is surprisingly level as well. While many web sites draw millions of visitors a month, you can easily create a blog or web site that has thousands of visitors a month and very quickly make a living off the advertising income. Many web developers create content sites for the sole purpose of selling affiliate products or text advertising using Google AdSense. No matter what your choice of internet business, you can easily compete with big businesses online with web sites and auction sites.


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