Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Government Intervenes in the Mortgage Loan Problem as Mortgage woes continue to plague us

by Nancy Woodward

The government, aka Bush, has created an agreement to freeze interest rates. But, this option is only available for those with certain sub-prime mortgages and will only continue for five years. The reason for this is hopefully reduce the number of foreclosures coming in the near future. The number of foreclosures continues to rise dramatically.

Credit is no longer easy for borrower’s to obtain. In Pennsylvania one third of the number of mortgage banks have closed this year. In New Jersey the decline has been less but still it’s an impressive 22% decline.

This decline is just the icing on the cake – there is also a decline in employment related to the closings. Of course, the snow ball effect begins - less jobs, less spending, therefore less jobs and so on.

So, the governments plan will help but it definitely won’t cure the Foreclosure problems we are experiencing and will continue on into the foreseeable future.

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