Thursday, June 08, 2006

Business 101 - Set Up your business keeping it simple

Business 101 - Keep it Simple
By Nancy Woodward

Now that you have made your decision to open your own business, what should you do? In an effort to make this a simple process that’s easy to implement, I’ve created a checklist you can follow. I find that working with checklists will help you to stay focused as you work to get your business started.

1. Make your decision to start. Create your business plan. This is vital; it will give you a guideline for progress and establish your niche.

2. Establish your business entity. You must decide on your business form – sole proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. I suggest you get help with this from a qualified person.

3. Get a business license or complete all of the certifications required to start your business in professional, legal way.

4. Purchase Insurance - determine if you need it. If you do, buy it now before you need it.

5. Setup your office – Be organized. Just make sure you have what you need to start. You don’t need every gadget, just the vital ones.

6. Determine your schedule - No matter where you work (home or outside), you need set hours of operation. Your customers must know what to expect. Set your schedule realistically and stick to it.

7. Website - I believe in today’s environment, a web presence is very effective.

Research each item, do your due diligence and you will start your new business by putting your best foot forward.


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