Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Benefits of Incorporating Your Own Business

If you have a small business or starting one in the near future, it is important to look into the benefits of incorporation. The government provides benefits to companies that incorporate their businesses with tax breaks, limits in liability and benefits for employees.

The Ease and Benefits of Incorporation:
Incorporating your business is a very simple process that takes a small amount of time and can cost less than $500 to complete with the help of a lawyer. You can also incorporate your business on your own without the help of a lawyer by purchasing an incorporation book. These books show you the exact forms that need to be completed and the process to register your business with your state government. Incorporating on your own can cost less than $200.

Incorporating your business is an extremely safe and secure way to limit the financial liability of its owners. If your incorporated business fails, you the owner are not responsible. Your business, which is seen as a private entity, is responsible for its losses.

Corporations also include great tax benefits. You may be able to save money on business expenses, travel expenses, entertainment and other related expenses by controlling a corporation. If you purchase healthcare, your business can save on the considerable costs to provide it. So if you have a small business or are thinking of creating once, look into incorporation.

You can create a normal corporation, or perhaps consider a Sub-Chapter S corporation. The additional benefit of Subchapter S corporations is that the income and loss pass through to the owners.

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